Color Changing Nail Polish UV LED Nails Gel Glitter Thermal Thermochromic Liquid Nail Art

Easy to use.
100% new retail and high quality thermal nail polish.
Color changing nail polish, color changes according to body temperature and chemistry.

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Thermochromatic nail liquid  amazing varnish that dramaticly changes colour like a mood ring
The liquid has 12 colours it can constantly change to depending on the tempreture
It can be used to make amazing nail art like painting petals onto nails so only the petals change colour

Easy to apply, quick-drying.
Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in a short time.
Perfect for both professional use and personal use.
It has a beautiful reaction to the temperature.
It can be applied evenly on the entire nail bed or used to draw patterns as desired.
Let it air dry for about 2-5 minutes after application depending on the amount of liquid you apply.
The more liquid you apply, the more obvious the thermal color-changing effect is.
Need to apply black or dark base color to achieve the thermal color-changing effect.
The color changes at high temperatures between 60F-90F and no color-changing effect will occur at low temperatures.
The color is blue at high temperatures and begins to change when the temperatures drop. The whole color-changing process takes about the 90s.

How to use:
1. File and clean nail surface.
2. Apply base coat, cure it with a uv/led lamp
3. Apply a layer of black or dark color gel, cure it with a led Lamp
4. Use Thermochromic Liquid to draw pattern, and wait for it dry for 2-5 minutes.
5. Apply top coat, cure it with a led lamp,Done!

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