Prep Your Nails For Success

Whether you are applying nail tips ,false nails Acrylic or Gel prepping your nails properly means the difference between them staying on for 2-3 weeks or popping off within a few days

You will need a Primer,a dehydrating spray and a nail buffer or Soft Spray

First Off you need to sort your cuticles out i use a cuticle pusher to push my cuticles gentley back they can be quite sharp so go gentley

Use either a nail Buffer or a very soft nail file the higher the number the softer it is so a 240 grit should be great dont use anything lower and dont press to hard make sure you buff around the cuticle area this is usually where lifting starts and the lower sides which are easily missed

If you are applying Nail tips (not full cover false nails) this is the time to apply them with a quality nail glue once applied and set in place cut to the right length and file into shape

Apply a small amount of pure acetone on a lint free pad and wipe the ridge where the tip meets the nail to blend it in

Next apply your Dehydrator with a spray or wipe it on with lint and let it dry

Lastly Apply the primer over the natural nail bed your now ready to apply Acrylics,Gels or false nails