How to Saftley Remove Acrylic Enhancements

When you want to replace your nail enhancements soaking them of without damaging your nails is crucial.There are a few ways to do it but here is the method i use on my acrylics

Start buy filing your enhancements file the length down and then file them till they are almost as thin as your natrual nail the mre you do here the better they will come off dont file do much that you file into your natural nail though as that is going to hurt!

You can use a efile or a normal file to do this

Once filed take a make up removing coton pad and saturate it in nail varnish remover there are new brands on the market for get that are super strong they work alot better than the older brands it must be a acetone remover to work so avoid acetone free varnish remover

wrap the pad around your nail and cover it with a piece of tin foil large enough to cover the whloe pad squeeze it tight

Heres my key tip now leave it and try not to peak the more you lift the foil and pad up the more the acrone drys and cools and you need it to stay warm so leave it a good 20 30 minutes then have a look

Hopefully if you have fied enough the acrylic or gel should be soft and gel like dont force it off but gentley lift it and see if its ready t come off if its still stuck or only part of it comes off put your finger back into the foil and leave it for a bit longer

Dont force or pop off the acrylic it will damage your nails