How to Apply Nail Decals to Your Own Nails

They might look tiny and intricate but true nail decals really make you nails look great

They are not sticky and much flatter than nail stickers so look seemless on your nails

You will Need polished ready nails these can be natural gel or acrylic

You will need a pack of nail decals a small bowl of water and either a gel or normal clear top coat

Make sure your nails are dry ,take your decals and cut out the small design

Place it in the bowl of water

After a few minutes pick the decal up between your thumb and fore finger and gentley slide the decal is should slide awy from its backing paper if it doesnt leave for a bit longer

with tweezers place the decal in the position on your nail try not to move it if possible

Take your top coat and apply a coat over the tp of the full nail,if its a gel top coat you will need to cure it under the uv lamp if its not a gel top coat leave it to dry

Apply a second coat leave to dry and you are done