Acrylic Nail Removal

Its important after 2 weeks of wearing acrylics you either get them infilled or rebalanced or have a new set as the strength point of the nail the apex grows up with your nail shifting position this means if you where to break a nail its likley to be painful so its something you must keep ontop of

Sometimes you will wnat to remove a entire set saftley with minimul damage to your nails heres how to do it

This method can be used for acrylic and false nails never just pull them off!

you willl need acetone a strong strength one ,a nail file electric or mannual makeup removal pads and some foil

Start by filing down the acrylic you want to file till the acrylic is as thin as your own nail but not to go so far as you go through the acrylic onto your own nail file some length down as well so you have minimal acrylic on your nails this takes time but its worth it

next saturate a make up pad with the acetone fold it in half wap it arund your nail then cover in foil and leave it alone ,dont keep checking it it works better as it gets warmer the more you pull it off the cooler and drier it gets

Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and up to 30 minutes when you do check it the acrylic should be soft and flaky ideally it will lift off in one piece if it doesnt gently push off any loose acrylic and put the foil back on until it comes off

After all the acrylic is off file your nails so they dont snag on any rough pieces,your nails will look white and flaky this is where you dehydrated your nails to adhere the acrylic to them and is normal .its now important you use cuticle oil then moisture your hands and your nails

i reccomend giving your nails a few days before your next set but if you are desperate you are good to go for a new set the next day